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We Engine Swapped My Hovercraft and It's RIDICULOUSLY Awesome!!! "Can Blow Over at 60mph"

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A hovercraft with nearly 100 horsepower?? Exactly what we needed...
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  1. Pure Stress

    Pure Stress

    5 tuntia sitten

    Love it but just a little to rich for my blood.

  2. B Stevermer

    B Stevermer

    6 tuntia sitten

    I can see why these never caught on, fun for 10 minutes.

  3. Michael Shafer

    Michael Shafer

    13 tuntia sitten

    I am the 95%!!

  4. mr davis

    mr davis

    Päivä sitten


  5. William Tufts

    William Tufts

    Päivä sitten

    Cleetus neighbors either love him or despise him.

  6. Real Mike Clements

    Real Mike Clements

    Päivä sitten

    I and also here for the racing. I’m like I’m a gray area lol.

  7. Real Mike Clements

    Real Mike Clements

    Päivä sitten

    I am here for this.

  8. Noah Argento

    Noah Argento

    Päivä sitten

    Jump it. I’ve never seen someone jump a hovercraft

  9. Andrew Spohrer

    Andrew Spohrer

    Päivä sitten

    Hey mr hovercraft guy, can you teach me how to do burnouts on this thing?

  10. Paw Paw

    Paw Paw

    2 päivää sitten

    The hydrilla,,, KILLA,,, McFarland.

  11. James Long

    James Long

    2 päivää sitten

    Yeah, don't run those on concrete if there's anyway to avoid it. It's like taking a cheese-grater to a stick of butter.

  12. Garrett Duckworth

    Garrett Duckworth

    2 päivää sitten

    I love the uncle Ronnie vibes lol

  13. R1D9M8B4


    2 päivää sitten

    I'm part of that 95%, real talk. Forget that racing stuff. If you ain't got a good Hovercraft.... your a fuxkin peasant. Remember.. aircrafts have the right of way, all the way and all the time.

  14. juan salinas

    juan salinas

    2 päivää sitten

    Do u have to ride it with ur ass bent like that?

  15. TC Truesdell

    TC Truesdell

    2 päivää sitten

    i think it needs to be called the freedom craft

  16. Topper Harley

    Topper Harley

    2 päivää sitten

    So, Gene Haas digs hovercrafts.

  17. Jay Bolus3

    Jay Bolus3

    3 päivää sitten


  18. Michael Ogunloye

    Michael Ogunloye

    3 päivää sitten

    Wow I must make a couple of these!!! Salute champ!!!

  19. Isaac Carlson

    Isaac Carlson

    3 päivää sitten

    A guy buys a hovercraft because he hits buoys with his boat......now he will just hit them with his hovercraft.

  20. p b

    p b

    3 päivää sitten

    Garza sitting on the gas tank lol

  21. Schneider Classics

    Schneider Classics

    3 päivää sitten

    lots like a blast mate

  22. Adam Peters

    Adam Peters

    3 päivää sitten

    I'd bet Cletus can't back up a trailer, that's why he needs a hovercraft

  23. DayLightBright DLB

    DayLightBright DLB

    3 päivää sitten

    I took mine out to Folsom lake in the mid 90’s. People were freaking out.

  24. DayLightBright DLB

    DayLightBright DLB

    3 päivää sitten

    I had a couple SCATS years ago

  25. Tommy Chong

    Tommy Chong

    4 päivää sitten

    LS swap that shit.

  26. Kamakazi Angry Patriot

    Kamakazi Angry Patriot

    4 päivää sitten

    This is cool this is the first time I've seen this dude here. Reminds me of our middle school science fair project when we use three leaf blowers and made a hovercraft with plywood that actually functioned. We won first place South Carolina I want to say 1988-1989 roundabout they're totally awesome though we had so much fun. Thanks guys amazing content

  27. DUDE3240 Gaming

    DUDE3240 Gaming

    4 päivää sitten

    You should get a longer one and put a v6

  28. Brin Kee

    Brin Kee

    4 päivää sitten

    Back in the 80's we had a hovercraft. My dad worked some type of deal on it. He did a trade as usual with something that cost him nothing. The thing was a mess though but skirt was good. Someone installed a sketchy 305 or 350 chevy which ran like shat. He had an adapter made and wwe installed a hyped up FORD 300 straight 6. The biggest deal is matching the prop to rpm and hp. Turned out we were close enough. It would easily carry 4 adults or several children and she ripped. Damn thing was big and heavy. My dad worked for a large Ford dealer as head tech so we got many things for free or he called in some markers. He turned out selling/trade it for a large profit and all it needed was some gauges and fiberglass work. In return he got a 69 Bug convertible(nice one) along with cash. The neighbors were glad to see it go due to the open headers

  29. Chuck Fry

    Chuck Fry

    4 päivää sitten

    Uncle Ron is that you?

  30. Trappster 48

    Trappster 48

    4 päivää sitten


  31. Werks Tnemhsilbatse

    Werks Tnemhsilbatse

    4 päivää sitten

    CNN: Hovercraft Horror in the Heights, local Florida man terrorizes retired golfers with Hellacious Hovercraft

  32. Bob Sillas

    Bob Sillas

    4 päivää sitten

    put a pinto engine in it

  33. Jun Liew

    Jun Liew

    4 päivää sitten

    Did content change with in a week?

  34. John Mackey

    John Mackey

    5 päivää sitten

    "hasn't even been scientifically proven..." This made me think of the Trailer Park Boys.

  35. t Stricklin

    t Stricklin

    5 päivää sitten

    Question. Is Cletus based or vaxxed?its nice to see people enjoy stuff again without ppe b.s.

  36. Maddmavic


    5 päivää sitten

    They make wings for these

  37. Mkittredge3


    5 päivää sitten

    Put a 454 BB on it🤣

  38. J Clouse

    J Clouse

    5 päivää sitten

    I could listen to Kevin talk all day. Him and James would get along great

  39. ElBurro14


    6 päivää sitten

    Here after watching the Cboystv hovercraft fail💀. But dang these things are dope

  40. kleetus92


    6 päivää sitten

    We've come to an interesting crossroads in entertainment. I can literally sit here and watch FItop with a couple of favorite channels, and be entertained with truly great content 100 times better than anything that's been on the boob tube the last 10 years or more. No woke bullshit, just people having fun with friends and taking us along for the ride.

  41. voice in motion

    voice in motion

    6 päivää sitten

    Dude, this was awesome. Props to you for doing this.

  42. Nicole C

    Nicole C

    6 päivää sitten

    Did not think they could go that fast

  43. Nicole C

    Nicole C

    6 päivää sitten

    I want one sooooooooo bad

  44. vincetugg25


    6 päivää sitten

    I want one looks like so much fun

  45. Liam Elm

    Liam Elm

    6 päivää sitten

    .... im sorry does scat mean something else in america? because it means poop

  46. planecrazy2


    7 päivää sitten


  47. L8 APEX

    L8 APEX

    8 päivää sitten

    You NEED the paint sceme of the race craft on yours!! It's perfect!!

  48. Mason Malwitz

    Mason Malwitz

    8 päivää sitten

    Please make 24:13 a sticker

  49. Linc H

    Linc H

    8 päivää sitten

    the %'s are super accurate!!!

  50. Zero to Give

    Zero to Give

    9 päivää sitten

    Don’t forget to grab the shirt as it runs over yr head when yr under water

  51. Brian Post

    Brian Post

    9 päivää sitten

    Make hover racing popular! Hover racing at the freedom factory!. That looks like tons of fun!

  52. Five Speed

    Five Speed

    10 päivää sitten

    I say 100% of subscribers are here for hovercraft action... who the F doesn't love a hovercraft??

  53. Five Speed

    Five Speed

    10 päivää sitten

    this reminds me, what's goin on with the jet boats y'all were building?

  54. NatureRecycleFlorida


    10 päivää sitten


  55. Erric D Johnson 74

    Erric D Johnson 74

    10 päivää sitten

    Here for the Hovercraft Hell Yeah Brother 😂✌️

  56. Zach Johnson

    Zach Johnson

    10 päivää sitten

    Eagle Scat

  57. Nick Kelly

    Nick Kelly

    10 päivää sitten

    I cannot think of a more manly and American power sport

  58. doobie


    10 päivää sitten

    17:37 Adam Lz?

  59. Colton Malaikal

    Colton Malaikal

    11 päivää sitten

    Awesome video

  60. Jason Lanning

    Jason Lanning

    11 päivää sitten

    get finnegan involved again.....

  61. bouvers customs

    bouvers customs

    11 päivää sitten

    Now I want one

  62. Shane Walker

    Shane Walker

    11 päivää sitten

    I doubt it’s possible but Put a Harley engine on it

  63. iporcupinetree


    12 päivää sitten

    Is that your house.... Shit have to stop watching your vids.. I mean like they are ok not worth that much... Dumb luck

  64. David T

    David T

    12 päivää sitten

    I don't know why people told me to avoid scat videos on the interwebs. This was completely harmless. A lot of fuss over nothing.

  65. John M

    John M

    12 päivää sitten

    I gotta get me one of these, what they are doing with planes is taking off the 503, 532, 582 and putting 4 stroke Yamaha snowmobile engines in them with 140- 160 hp.

  66. Jrodfpv


    12 päivää sitten

    Best video yet!! 96%

  67. rm864


    12 päivää sitten


  68. Zenuule Flamesinger

    Zenuule Flamesinger

    12 päivää sitten

    Take it to Walmart!

  69. Folke Johansson

    Folke Johansson

    12 päivää sitten

    You know it's loud when even Cleetus is using ear plugs in every single shot :P

  70. Baron Clime

    Baron Clime

    12 päivää sitten

    I'm here for the 100% insanity!

  71. Brandon Cox

    Brandon Cox

    12 päivää sitten

    Can't wait for the next hovercraft video! I'm definitely apart of the 95% lmfaɔ

  72. JFK64 Kennedy

    JFK64 Kennedy

    12 päivää sitten

    need to hook a tow behind mower deck behind it

  73. AdamBrunson


    12 päivää sitten

    I’m sure he said something very interesting, but I didn’t hear a single word.

  74. The wonderful wizard of cods aquatics

    The wonderful wizard of cods aquatics

    12 päivää sitten

    Every kid with an 85cc-“ do you think that engine would fit in my bike”

  75. Rob Sutherland

    Rob Sutherland

    12 päivää sitten

    Cleet gives a lesson here on how to let someone who knows what they're on about and is enthusiastic in explaining it just talk.. for our benefit. awesome content :)

  76. Alex Gainey

    Alex Gainey

    12 päivää sitten

    Cleetus just standing there patiently listening to the man explain turning and the ins and outs of racing these majestic machines and is lowkey just wanting to get on it and RIP IT is a whole mood lol.

  77. Sheep Wolf

    Sheep Wolf

    13 päivää sitten

    I NEVER give you a thumb down... until this vid. The sound sucks, all I can hear is the wind. Made it to 4.44 and game over.

  78. dudas12100


    13 päivää sitten

    "I put a texas speed 427 in my hovercraft"

  79. Rick Steinbauer

    Rick Steinbauer

    13 päivää sitten

    I’m still waiting to see the Scat go down the drag strip

  80. 510Redneck


    13 päivää sitten

    Don't forget to notify your local fire department of having one, you might get the honor of saving a life with it someday.

  81. Dwizzleusa 1984

    Dwizzleusa 1984

    13 päivää sitten

    You need any CNC custom machine work check out, Neely precision. Located in Tennessee but over 40 years experience just thought I would run that across you guys . Neely precision inc.

  82. waltramar


    13 päivää sitten

    Hell yea brother

  83. RaisedByWolves


    13 päivää sitten

    The Marines have landed. Run for your life.

  84. SgtLoki13


    13 päivää sitten

    Y'all straight nuckin futz! But that's why I keep watching, never know what the video will be!

  85. Joshua Ableiter

    Joshua Ableiter

    13 päivää sitten

    Look up "coyote time" for video games, and apply the opposite concept to building up your air bubble for your aircraft because you're doing it too late.

  86. funvtec


    13 päivää sitten

    Cleetus like yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Let’s rip these things already!!!

  87. Darwin Mauri

    Darwin Mauri

    14 päivää sitten

    Cool. A new hobby

  88. Ryan Spillman

    Ryan Spillman

    14 päivää sitten

    Nice leaf blower!

  89. Ryan Lowry

    Ryan Lowry

    14 päivää sitten

    Get a sticker that says "I EAT FROG LEGS" jet skis suck!

  90. Amanda Girl

    Amanda Girl

    14 päivää sitten

    you need to get a better mic set up for when you are talking to others it is defiantly a weak point in your videos

  91. Iron Horse Garage

    Iron Horse Garage

    14 päivää sitten

    Badass!!! I need one!!!

  92. Rain


    14 päivää sitten

    A giraffe in it's natural habitat

  93. Swinson Burkes

    Swinson Burkes

    14 päivää sitten

    This thing is top notch 👌

  94. Todd Sindle

    Todd Sindle

    14 päivää sitten

    That was a dope entry to the video bro

  95. Turbo Last Name

    Turbo Last Name

    14 päivää sitten

    Could a Hoover boat pull a parasailing person?

  96. Alex Creasman

    Alex Creasman

    14 päivää sitten

    Where’s the jet boats????

  97. Chris W

    Chris W

    14 päivää sitten

    He retired and passed up a vette he got a hovercraft instead🤣 what a beast

  98. leakyspaceboots


    14 päivää sitten

    LS swap when?

  99. Alxios1UZ-FE


    14 päivää sitten

    someone explane to cleeter how a governor works

  100. todd schindler

    todd schindler

    14 päivää sitten

    oh man I need one!!! dude that is so badass!!!!